GameCharts     Steam    Workplace Rhapsody
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
August 2021 0 -44 -100% 0
January 2022 44 36 450% 279
December 2021 8 1 14.29% 32
November 2021 7 6 600% 35
October 2021 1 1 --- 12
September 2021 0 --- --- 3

About Workplace Rhapsody

A college graduate who is preparing to enter the workforce has been selected to be the only male employee of a listed company that designs high-end underwear. How to get along with people in the company became his biggest problem. How will he cope with the hardship and succeed in winning the hearts of all the women in the company?
Players play the role of a new person entering the company, through the dialogue with colleagues, to obtain the information of the company colleagues. Each NPC has its own condition to unlock the upper limit of favorability, only when the favorability reaches a certain value, can unlock and corresponding colleagues to play special games. Players need to balance their own attributes through work and rest, manage their time well, and use their best state to face colleagues.
The game includes systems:
1, the backpack
2, shops
3. Memoirs
4, dialogue
5, a gift
6, w...