• GameCharts     Steam    WolfTeam: Classic
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    July 2021 74 -33 -30.84% 194
    June 2021 107 -22 -17.05% 271
    May 2021 129 -46 -26.29% 352
    April 2021 175 -142 -44.79% 489
    March 2021 317 -120 -27.46% 1,023
    February 2021 437 --- --- 3,380

    About WolfTeam: Classic

    FPS, more than that.
    Wolfteam is a game where you can enjoy a variety of team formations and battlefield situations that change from moment to moment, such as humans and wolves, wolves and wolves, through the keyword werewolves, beyond human-to-human battles.
    Experience the appearance of powerful and explosive werewolves that you couldn't feel in conventional FPS, and enjoy explosive action while avoiding their teeth and claws.

    The ultimate harmony of action and FPS, created from the moment WOLFTEAM first appeared in the world in 2007, has raised the level of FPS even further. For more than 10 years, we have continued numerous trials and studies, introducing various systems and contents.
    WOLFTEAM:CLASSIC is the result of all the history. Going back to the moment when WOLFTEAM was first released to the world, only successful updates and mods were selected and advanced to the next level.
    In addition, WOLFTE...