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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    February 2021 152 -6 -3.8% 212
    January 2021 158 2 1.28% 242
    December 2020 156 0 0% 287
    November 2020 156 0 0% 269
    October 2020 156 156 --- 369
    September 2020 0 --- --- 0

    About Virtual Cottage

    Welcome to your Virtual Cottage!
    Please stay as long as you like and enjoy a cozy, distraction-free environment.

    Got some big, uncomfortable tasks you have been putting off for weeks? Virtual Cottage was made to help you start them. Upon entering your cottage, commit to an activity you want to accomplish. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere to ease your start on whatever you want to get done.

    Relaxing Lo-fi SoundtrackVirtual Cottage features amazing lo-fi music from various talented artists. To complete the relaxing atmosphere, a rain sound can be toggled on or off.
    Check out more of their work with the links below!The cottage is wherever YOU areThe game automatically syncs with your local time and displays a similar lighting scenario. If you are a night owl, just change your computer clock and the graphics will change as well. ;)Getting things doneThere is no way to stop the timer, except for quitting the game. Once you’ve entered an...