• GameCharts     Steam    Tribal Wars
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    March 2021 197 -48 -19.59% 0
    February 2021 245 -37 -13.12% 401
    January 2021 282 5 1.81% 457
    December 2020 277 -20 -6.73% 445
    November 2020 297 297 --- 506
    October 2020 0 --- --- 0

    About Tribal Wars

    Tribal Wars is a massively-multiplayer, hardcore medieval strategy game where the winners take all, and every player is a potential enemy. Manage your village, construct formidable defenses, and raise a ferocious army in order to outgrow your enemies and plunder their resources. Assemble Tribes with other players, conduct real diplomacy with bordering leaders, and coordinate armies as a group in order to create strategic battle plans that devastate your enemies and conquer thousands of villages on the map. Servers exist as persistent worlds in real time, and only crucial decision making, long-term planning, and a watchful eye over your kingdom can secure success. It’s conquer or be conquered; make claim the glory for yourself! The only thing you take with you to the next world is the knowledge learned in the magnificent wars of the past!

    • Compete in hardcore PvP strategy in persistent online game worlds
    • Expand your kingd...