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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    March 2023 415 -100 -19.42% 746
    February 2023 515 -171 -24.93% 934
    January 2023 686 -459 -40.09% 1,389
    December 2022 1,145 -847 -42.52% 2,177
    November 2022 1,992 1,992 --- 4,582
    October 2022 0 --- --- 0

    About TRAHA Global

    Traha Global is RvR MMORPG based on the confrontation between two major factions.

    -An open world on a massive scale.
    Experience the vast open world with the highest quality graphics using the Unreal 4 Engine. Based on the launch version, there are 6 large open fields with an actual size of 3 to 5KM

    -Massive Battle based on RvR
    Led by the two major factions, Naiad and Vulcan, which have been in conflict for a long time, players must compete with their opponents on battlegrounds by cooperating with their teammates.

    -Infinity Class System
    The seven available classes are the Scythe, Bow, Greatsword, Shield, Staff, Dual Blade, and Knuckles. You can switch classes anytime and anywhere. In addition, combining the effects of attack, defense, or support skill tree attributes with a variety of active skills allows you to act as a tank, damage dealer, or healer. You can activate additional skill effects through...