• GameCharts     Steam    Tower Ball - Incremental Tower Defense
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    June 2021 174 1 0.58% 445
    May 2021 173 104 150.72% 416
    April 2021 69 --- --- 223

    About Tower Ball - Incremental Tower Defense

    Build towers to destroy the falling balls! Earn cash and prestige points to upgrade your towers. Unlock new levels and new towers as you go.

    Gun Turrets - Shoot high-damage bullets one at a time
    Bomb Towers - Bombs smash into targets dealing area of effect splash damage
    Shrink Rays - Fires lasers dealing continuous DPS damage
    Electric Towers - Launches electrical orbs that bounce to multiple targets
    Acid Shooters - Flings acid that deals poison damage and shrinks balls in a large area
    Magnets - Pulls all balls towards it, great for combos!
    Sawblades - Shred balls dealing melee damage on contact

    Turrets shoot falling balls, earning cash for each ball destroyed. Unlock, upgrade, and build your turrets to get money even faster!