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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    March 2023 288 288 --- 925
    February 2023 0 0 --- 0
    January 2023 0 --- --- 0

    About Time Wasters

    In the far reaches of space, there exists a mysterious and powerful artifact known as the Time Cube. It is said that whoever possesses this artifact has the ability to manipulate time itself, bending it to their will and gaining an unparalleled advantage in any conflict.

    As a skilled space ship captain, you have been chosen to embark on a mission to collect as many Time Cubes as possible and use them in the fight against the hordes of enemy ships that threaten the peace of the galaxy.

    • Fast paced ship movement with boost upgrades
    • Upgradable auto-firing weapons
    • Captains with unique upgrades
    • Collect Gold to immediately unlock upgrades
    • Defeat 10 second waves of enemies and destroy Elites as fast as you can