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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
July 2022 292 108 58.7% 432
June 2022 184 --- --- 1,619

About The Looker

Explore several charmed locations on a mysterious island replete with over 55 creative puzzles. Over an approximately two-hour playing duration, you will face unique challenges, ponderous ideas, and feebly amusing in-jokes.

The Looker is a single-player game that respects you as an intelligent player, and it treats your time as... reasonably valuable (I mean, don't let me pull you off solving the Riemann hypothesis or anything). As such, I will level with you hereā€”not every joke will be a hit, but there is no filler material, the puzzles are fun, and, if you really think about it, aren't the real solutions the, uhh... friends we make along the way?

Please note: this game is a work of fiction. Any resemblance it bears to any actual game, such as The Witness, is strictly intentional because this is a parody.