GameCharts     Steam    Tap Wizard 2
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
May 2022 247 -61 -19.81% 357
April 2022 308 -57 -15.62% 404
March 2022 365 -48 -11.62% 536
February 2022 413 -149 -26.51% 570
January 2022 562 410 269.74% 746
December 2021 152 --- --- 537

About Tap Wizard 2

On a magic quest to secure the Chronosphere, the Wizard is ambushed by the Dark Forces. Hope is lost as the Wizard takes their last breath...until the Chronosphere hums and rewinds time itself! Armed with knowledge of the assault and increased Power, the Wizard steels themselves for the next Wave!


Tap Wizard 2 Idle Magic Quest will take you on a journey full of magical action and wonder. Wield magical skills and fight the dark forces to secure the Chronosphere. This is one of those Warrior Magician Games that will allow you to have the fun and excitement of a Fantasy Idle RPG game with thrilling challenges.


Become the magic master and wield magical skills and slay the demons that populate the dark force. Master elements such as fire, ice, lighting, and more to destroy the foes and secure the wizarding world. If you are looking for Wizard Battle Games or Idle RPG games featuring fantasy combat between good and evil, then this Fantasy Idle Act...