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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
January 2022 367 367 --- 1,963
December 2021 0 0 --- 0
November 2021 0 0 --- 0
October 2021 0 0 --- 0
September 2021 0 0 --- 0
August 2021 0 --- --- 0

About Supraland Six Inches Under

In Supraland Six Inches Under is a First-Person-Metroidvania. That means, you're in a gated world and the more abilities you gather, the more parts of the world you can access.
The gameplay consists of roughly 45% exploration, 45% solving puzzles and 10% combat.
The adventure will take between 10-25 hours.

The story behind the game
"Six Inches Under" was a little sideproject that was established to introduce new dev team members to our tools and workflow. Essentially it's our preparation for Supraland 2.

It was supposed to be a little DLC for Supraland 1, but for some reason it got a bit out of hand and got more and more ambitous. Instead of 3 months it took us 2 years to make this.
It can be considered "Supraland 1.5" because there are still a lot things from the first game, but at the same time it's an entire new world with a bunch of new mechanics.