GameCharts     Steam    Super Mecha Champions
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
October 2021 640 -53 -7.65% 1,086
September 2021 693 -130 -15.8% 1,258
August 2021 823 82 11.07% 1,418
July 2021 741 -215 -22.49% 1,343
June 2021 956 -321 -25.14% 1,757
May 2021 1,277 -143 -10.07% 2,157
April 2021 1,420 959 208.03% 2,275
March 2021 461 --- --- 1,355

About Super Mecha Champions

Alpha City is hosting the world's greatest event: Super Mecha League! The most formidable mechas and ace pilots from all over the world are assembling on the hazardous battlegrounds. It is your time to show the world what a real champion is like by becoming one with your mecha and taking your decisive aim! Rock Alpha City as a rising star of Super Mecha League and create your own legend!FANTASTICAL NEO-FUTURISTIC CITY!Super Mecha Champions takes place in a Japanese manga styled city, with exquisite graphic quality for maximum visual impact! Play as one of the aces in the Super Mecha League and soar through the neo-futuristic city as you search for the secrets behind Alpha City!WIN BY BECOMING ONE WITH MECHA!Summon any of the 10 dashing mecha with just a click, customize it with any of the assorted skins and graffiti, and pilot your very own machine into the battle! Vigorous brawls between pilot and pilot, strategic confrontations between pilot and mecha, metallic clash...