• GameCharts     Steam    Super Animal Royale: Super Free Edition
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    April 2020 94 -11 -10.48% 373
    March 2020 105 17 19.32% 313
    February 2020 88 --- --- 176

    About Super Animal Royale: Super Free Edition

    So what makes this demo a Super Demo, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that sticking the word "Super" in front of everything makes it better, this demo also allows you to play the game fully online, as much as you like! And you can even start progressing through the game, earning items and animal DNA. These items you earn in the demo are locked, so you won't be able to unlock new Super Animals or dress them up to make them your own, but if you like the game and choose to purchase it, all of the items you've unlocked and progress you've earned will transfer right into the full game! That's pretty Super, right? Hopefully not so super that you'll avoid supporting development of the game, but we're really proud of what we've built and the community that has grown around it, so we hope that giving you the chance to experience it for yourself will show you that it's an Early Access game worth supporting!

    The demo starts you off with 4 Super Animal ...