• GameCharts     Steam    Space Travel Idle
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    February 2021 444 16 3.74% 535
    January 2021 428 326 319.61% 561
    December 2020 102 -37 -26.62% 136
    November 2020 139 -57 -29.08% 197
    October 2020 196 100 104.17% 255
    September 2020 96 --- --- 240

    About Space Travel Idle

    If you ever dreamed of exploring the Space at a relaxed pace, here's a journey designed for you.

    Starting from the Earth, travel to all those planets and stars you can think of. Come up with strategies to maximize your energy and resource gains, do researches to enhance your spaceship, and build infras all over the Universe. You are also gonna fight the evil aliens from the outer space in a relaxing card-battle style!

    All of the above sounds so complicated, but they can actually be achieved through just a few clicks. It's an Idle Game!

    Gaining Energy/Resources
    • Discover various ways of retrieving the energy or resources on every planets and stars.
    • Think of strategies to maximize the gain of the resource you want!
    • Develop science to avoid resource gain efficiency deterioration on some stars!

    Travelling Between Stars