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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
December 2021 140 81 137.29% 282
November 2021 59 --- --- 263

About Snake Force

“Friendly Fire!“
Snake Force is an alternative top-down shooting game inspired by the classic game Snake.
In this game, you’ll rescue your bros and fight along side with them. You and your bros will stand in a line, and shoot at the same point. Keep the shape of your squad, because bullets hurt whatever it hit.
The game includes 5 levels, and a secret mode. The total playing time will be 30~45 minutes.
If the game feels to hard for you, you may try using the Ctrl key. It could still be fun! Space bar may also help you.Words by the developersThis game was originally a personal project made for LudumDare40, finished under 48 hours. Recently we happened to have this motivation to refine this work for fun. There isn’t much content in this game. We will probably add more stuff someday when we want to. Hopefully you will enjoy it!