• GameCharts     Steam    SMASH LEGENDS
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    May 2021 689 111 19.2% 1,274
    April 2021 578 531 1% 1,509
    March 2021 47 47 --- 280
    February 2021 0 --- --- 0


    "SMASH Must Go On!"
    To return the Library World back to normal, or to protect one’s honor.
    Each LEGENDS joined the battle for their own cause.
    Their ultimate brawl competition begins now.
    Who will prove themselves to be the true LEGENDS?!

    SMASH LEGENDS is a casual brawl-action game that unfolds in the Library World,
    an island that floats above a vast sea of clouds.
    Join now and play for free in a cross-platform environment against players from Steam, iOS and Android devices.
    Key Feature:* SMASH with epic knock outs!SMASH, SMASH, BOOM! Enemies are more likely to get knocked out when their HP is low.
    Knock off enemies from arenas set in floating islands to achieve victory.* SMASH across variety of game modes and maps!Multiple modes are available in SMASH LEGENDS, including 3 vs. 3, 1 vs. 1 and Free-for-all.
    Smash your enemies in a battlefield filled with fairy tale ...