GameCharts     Steam    Ship Graveyard Simulator: Prologue
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
October 2021 158 158 --- 807
September 2021 0 0 --- 0
August 2021 0 0 --- 0
July 2021 0 0 --- 0
June 2021 0 --- --- 0

About Ship Graveyard Simulator: Prologue

Visit the largest ship graveyard in the world. A dozen kilometers of beach filled with wrecks. Hundreds of ships wrecked on the coast. Thousands of tons of steel. Choose the most valuable ship for you and start the adventure. Play as one of the workers during the most dangerous work in the world. Cut, hit, weld! Dismantle the whole ship and sell the obtained parts and upgrade your equipment. Develop your character to be able to complete tasks on the largest wrecks in the world. There are thousands of wrecks waiting for you in the game, they hide many unusual treasures.

Explore all decks of the ship for valuable items. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the mysterious spaces hidden inside these amazing colossi. Each of them hides amazing treasures inside, thanks to which you will be able to continue your adventure in the game. Giant colossi is not everything, collect various materials left on the beach, you never know what may be hidden among them. ...