GameCharts     Steam    Sexy Airlines
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
January 2022 180 102 130.77% 337
December 2021 78 --- --- 173

About Sexy Airlines

We’ve all faced it – long, boring flights with nothing but the in-flight magazine to breeze through over and over again, wouldn't it be great with flight attendants that know how to give REAL service?

Sexy Airlines is an idle/clicker dating game that lets you take the steering wheel and maneuver your way through the exciting ups and downs of life as a CEO of an airlines company . Ever wanted to hit it off with a saucy stewardess? At Sexy Airlines you get to hire the sexiest attendants our world has to offer, to manage your flights, while chatting them up via the in-game company messenger system. The closer you are with your beauties, the more they bring in every flight!! Shower them with gifts you collect from luggage left behind by absent-minded passengers on your flights and take them to exotic destinations. Spend diamonds to buy luggage directly if you can’t wait to make steady progress with the girls. Keep at it and our sky-high sugar babes might just let yo...