GameCharts     Steam    Seraph's Last Stand
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
May 2022 272 -33 -10.82% 529
April 2022 305 215 238.89% 757
March 2022 90 --- --- 677

About Seraph's Last Stand

Seraph's Last Stand is an incremental shoot 'em up based on the flash era classic "Heli Attack", but with roguelike elements.

Defeat waves of enemies and choose an upgrade among multiple options:

You start clean every playthourgh, but if you choose the right combinations, you can snowballs into crazy powerful builds:

Some features of the game are:

- 40 different items to compose your builds.

- Multiple staves and hats to chose from.

- A leaderboard system, with world, national and local ranks.