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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
January 2022 117 73 165.91% 346
December 2021 44 13 41.94% 113
November 2021 31 23 287.5% 83
October 2021 8 --- --- 45

About Sailwind

Set sail towards adventure in the world of Sailwind! This sailing simulator with survival elements features realistic sailing physics and a vast open world to explore. Embark on cargo delivery missions, customize your boat with furniture and decorations, or enjoy some fishing.

Take it easy and go for a calm, relaxing trip around the local islands, or, when you're ready for some adventure, buy a big boat and go on a dangerous voyage across the ocean to distant lands. Use navigation instruments, the sun and the stars to stay on course, battle storms and high winds, and don't forget to stock enough food and water for the long journey!SAILINGFull realistic sailing physics – in order to sail successfully, you’ll have to tack, reef the sails in heavy weather, keep track of the direction of the wind to find the perfect angle. Watch out f...