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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    January 2023 396 -506 -56.1% 1,091
    December 2022 902 902 --- 2,398
    November 2022 0 0 --- 0
    October 2022 0 0 --- 0
    September 2022 0 --- --- 0

    About Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered

    The original Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- included many of the SaGa series trademark elements, such as the Glimmer and Combo mechanics and was considered to be the epitome of the series when it first released.
    The free scenario system that lets you create your own storyline remains at the core of the game, letting you select one of eight protagonists with completely different origins and backstories, then set off on a unique journey.
    This remastered edition has evolved in all areas, featuring upgraded HD graphics and numerous enhancements to improve playability. This makes it highly recommended for both fans of the original and newcomers to the SaGa series.

    â– Story
    The gods created man and man created stories.

    The primordial creator Marda brought forth the land of Mardias.
    In ages past a mighty battle rocked this land, when Elore, the king of the gods, fought three malicious deiti...