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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    September 2022 356 -61 -14.63% 763
    August 2022 417 -153 -26.84% 875
    July 2022 570 -33 -5.47% 1,245
    June 2022 603 -23 -3.67% 1,240
    May 2022 626 -241 -27.8% 1,311
    April 2022 867 -929 -51.73% 1,845
    March 2022 1,796 -435 -19.5% 3,122
    February 2022 2,231 2,038 1% 4,291
    January 2022 193 --- --- 2,495

    About Rogue Tower

    Rogue Tower is a tower defense game with roguelike elements and a continuously expanding path which you can influence. Unlock new towers and buildings, build up your defenses, upgrade your towers through card draws and cash, expand the path tactically to control how enemies move, defend your tower.Build TowersWhere you build your towers is the most important aspect to any tower defense game. In rogue tower, the path the enemies must travel continuously extends and grows to much greater lengths than your average tower defense game making tower placement even more important in this game. Not only do you need to carefully consider what kind of coverage they will have, but towers also get a bonus to damage based on their elevation. This means that there are spots which are better than others, but they are limited; which towers do you place on these spots? do you save them for a tower you haven't unlocked yet? or do you put everything you have there now? are the good spots even in a ...