• GameCharts     Steam    Richman 11
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    December 2022 101 -549 -84.46% 0
    November 2022 650 252 63.32% 2,548
    October 2022 398 398 --- 3,229
    September 2022 0 --- --- 0

    About Richman 11

    Richman 11 supports multi-controller, online and offline modes to choose. Players could create either free play or challenge play, all the parameters could be set based on players minds as well. In the game, players roll the dice and it determines the steps they could move on the map, earning money by investment on properties, buying stocks or using cards, when the game ends, the only player who are not broke or owns the most in finance wins the play.
    Free PlayThis is the classic mode in the series, all the players have the same initial cash, deposit and cards at the beginning, and all these could be set freely, players even can set, the price increase days, play time, player number, group play, etc as much as they wish.Challenge PlayThis is a new play mode. Players are facing the challenges from the landlords. There are 3 difficulties: easy, normal and hard to choose for each landlord. Players need to win them in different levels in the circumstance with short of talen...