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    July 2021 39 39 --- 134
    June 2021 0 --- --- 0

    About Reminiscence

    As the world collapses into anarchy, you set out to explore the house you left behind in search of your missing family. Following your recent discoveries, you have mastered Time and intend to use it to find the cause of your loved ones' disappearance. You will explore your old home, a typical American household from the 1950s, and also discover an alternate, altered and corrupted version of it.

    As you travel between these two eras, you'll have to figure out what happened and solve the mystery that surrounds your home. Yet in the midst of these two very oppressive universes, you sense that your experiments have lured a rather unusual guest.About
    Reminiscence is a psychological horror narrative game for one player made on Unity. In this game, you will progress through dual time puzzles to hopefully sort the truth out in your confused memories.

    The game places you in two very different worlds: a typical house in the heart of th...