GameCharts     Steam    Power & Revolution 2022 Edition
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
July 2022 144 17 13.39% 253
June 2022 127 15 13.39% 244
May 2022 112 -3 -2.61% 229
April 2022 115 --- --- 222

About Power & Revolution 2022 Edition

2022: Worldwide Chaos and Devastation!

With the war in the Ukraine, the planet is in chaos and nothing will ever be the same again. What's more, there is the threat of global warming, the lingering Covid epidemic along with the risk of new variants, inflation and increased prices on the planet's key resources.

Alongside the base game mode, which allows you to play as any head of state or opposition leader in the world controlling one or multiple nations, the 2022 Edition offers multiple scenarios.

In the Ukraine scenario, save the country by playing as the Ukraine and one or more NATO countries, by resisting the advance of Russian tanks, by supporting the Ukrainian army, by urging financial sanctions against Russia, by accepting refugees, by making the Russian president unpopular in the eyes of the people or by influencing China to officially oppose the conflict, all while avoiding escalation.

The scenario on global warming involves adjusting your goa...