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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    June 2023 1,867 1,714 1% 3,880
    May 2023 153 153 --- 3,544
    April 2023 0 --- --- 0

    About Only Up!

    You are a young teenage Jackie from the ghetto who wants to get out of poverty and embark on a journey of learning about the world and yourself. The world has definitely gone crazy, though it has never been normal, but maybe now is the chance for you. Crisis is a time for action and decisive steps...except it's scary, because every step can set you back far.

    Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right path, but do not be afraid, you can always repeat, we learn from mistakes.

    Jackie is to learn that to get to a new place you must first make a jump and get off the ground, not knowing what will happen in the future...
    A samurai has no goal, only a way, stoicism, patience and cunning will help you to reach the very top, but what awaits there - you never know...

    Let's go? Only Up!

    Only Up!" is inspired by the fairytale "Jack and the Beanstalk" and reminds some of a platformer. Y...