• GameCharts     Steam    Omega Strikers
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    December 2022 479 -472 -49.63% 0
    November 2022 951 -2,243 -70.23% 1,915
    October 2022 3,194 -6,653 -67.56% 8,574
    September 2022 9,847 --- --- 19,236

    About Omega Strikers

    Omega Strikers is a 3v3 competitive game where the objective is to knock out opponents and score goals against the enemy team using explosive attacks and abilities. Matches are fast and intense—the first team to get five goals wins, and you must get at least two points ahead to secure a victory.

    Omega Strikers has an ever-growing roster of unique and powerful Strikers, each of which can be unlocked through normal play. 3v3 unranked, ranked, and private lobbies across a handful of maps are available from day one, with more maps and modes planned. For those looking to dive deeper into the game, cosmetic purchases and battle passes are available via in-app purchase.

    Always Free-to-Play, Never Pay-to-Win
    In Omega Strikers, only smarts and skills will earn victory. There are no loot boxes, no consumable power boosts, and no competitive advantages for spenders. All characters can be unlocked through regular play.