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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
May 2022 2,104 -173 -7.6% 3,331
April 2022 2,277 297 15% 3,808
March 2022 1,980 1,069 117.34% 3,857
February 2022 911 516 130.63% 2,164
January 2022 395 10 2.6% 1,085
December 2021 385 308 400% 754
November 2021 77 --- --- 805

About MyDockFinder

MyDockFinder is a software for quick system startup and control viewing system functions. You can drag and drop to add your favorite programs or files, and drag and drop to directly use the program to open the file. Based on WinUI using GPU rendering, smooth animation effects, Bezier curve rounded corners and blur and the blur intensity can be adjusted. Minimize the animation of all windows in the management system.

Regular and continuous updates, there may be crashes, please leave a message below to feedback the problem, follow-up updates will bring many functions such as creative workshops, more achievements, and skin changes, so stay tuned!
The development progress by one person is slow, and each update takes two to three weeks or even a month.Main functions
  • Global real-time dynamic blur effect can adjust the blur intensity
  • Support 4K high resolution and multi-display e...