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    June 2021 15 15 --- 81
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    About My New Memories

    In My New Memories you play a (male) character that lost his memories after a terrible car accident. You wake up in a hospital, confused and lost with no idea how you landed there. But you are not alone. Your family is there to slowly help you back into your life. Your wife, who was also involved in the car accident, has fallen into a coma. But that doesn't mean that she is gone. Through circumstances that you don't yet understand, she appears in your dreams, showing you things from your past life that you forgot.

    On your journey to finding New Memories you will uncover things that seem unspeakable to you; moments you experienced with your wife that are of a more precarious nature. Will you embrace this side of your life or will the morality that you didn't care for before your accident come back? You can decide everything yourself.

    • A Story-Rich Visual Novel that includes character interactions, development and extremely wholeso...