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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    October 2023 146 -193 -56.93% 245
    September 2023 339 --- --- 1,076

    About MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline

    Mega Man X DiVE reimagined the world of the Mega Man X series, and now it's getting an offline version!
    Experience the exciting side-scrolling action we've all come to know and love in a whole new light!

    Enter Deep Log, a digital world where the game data of the Mega Man X series has been archived. Due to a bug of unknown origins, the game data within Deep Log has become fragmented. With the help of a mysterious navigator, RiCO, the player dives into this digital world to set things straight.
    Take control of Hunter Programs, recreations of legendary characters such as X and Zero, defeat various forms of Irregular Data, and restore the fractured game data!

    - Classic Mega Man Action
    Jump, dash, fire your buster, and swing your saber. All the actions you'd expect from the Mega Man X series are here!
    In addition, this game features 360 degree aiming and an auto-lock function!

    - Featuring...