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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    July 2024 1,824 19 1.05% 3,855
    June 2024 1,805 900 99.45% 4,769
    May 2024 905 --- --- 4,497

    About Mad Island

    You and four friends are enjoying a cruise ride when the boat collides with a rock and sinks.
    You wake up on an unknown island where you meet the other protagonist of this game with whom you will start your days of survival with. The goal is to find your friends and escape the island.Dual ProtagonistsThere are two protagonists. The story begins with the female protagonist, but once on the island, you may switch between the two at any time.The NativesThe island is inhabited by natives. They spend the daytime outside and sleep in their homes at night. You can ""visit"" them in their sleep, in addition to capturing them and making them your slaves. They can work for you in such fields as logging, excavation, and farming. You can allow them to make love freely or restrict them from it.Enemies, Monsters, & FriendsYou will encounter enemies and monsters in numerous places.
    You can listen to their stories of how they ended up on the island, and...