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    May 2024 311 --- --- 426

    About LurkBait Twitch Fishing

    A Twitch-powered interactive cozy fishing game for your viewers. Every game needs a fishing minigame, now your stream can have one too!

    Add as an overlay for your stream and let your viewers fish with commands, points, bits or subs. Boost viewer engagement and reel in the lurkers with a fun interactive game that runs itself — while you focus on your content.

    Key features
    • Supports triggering a cast with chat commands, channel points, bits, subs and gifted subs or a combination of all 5 triggers
    • Easy and convenient Twitch login, authentication is stored locally with no additional signups or fees
    • All casts are automatically queued, so nobody misses out on their chance to fish
    • Four weather options to change the vibe
    • Create custom catches with your own images, choose their value and their rarity will automatically be calculated
    • Automatic performance scaling when you're running intens...