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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    February 2024 201 17 9.24% 320
    January 2024 184 33 21.85% 298
    December 2023 151 58 62.37% 256
    November 2023 93 --- --- 238

    About Life Makeover

    Life Makeover is a liberating fashion game where you have the freedom to express your unique style. Customize your virtual persona, experiment with various fashion choices, and dive into the joy of unlimited dress-up possibilities with fashion dye and do-it-yourself (DIY) options. It's your chance to create your own fashion show! Plus, you can even design and build your dream home for free.

    [Unleash Your Unique Persona] - Customize Every Detail
    Take command of your virtual character and let your style shine. Customize facial features, body shape, and skin tone to break free from conventions and express yourself in your own extraordinary way.

    [Elevate Designs with Limitless Wardrobe] - Powered by UE4 Engine
    Experience an extensive wardrobe for every occasion, each design flawlessly detailed. Fueled by the cutting-edge UE4 engine and a range of 3D materials, your creations will be impeccably crafted, down to the smallest stitch and embroidery.

    [Express with Co...