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    April 2020 120 --- --- 275

    About Life is Strange 2 Demo

    If you've been waiting for the perfect time to jump into LIFE IS STRANGE 2, then today is the day: Sean and Daniel's epic adventure is now available to trial for free!

    Forced to go on the run after a terrible accident, Sean must keep his brother safe as they head towards Mexico, and a shared dream of sanctuary.

    Daniel's newly-revealed telekinetic power makes their travels more complicated. Can Sean teach Daniel right from wrong when his brother is able to flip over a car with his mind? And in the 'forgotten places' of modern America, do the usual rules even apply?

    Daniel watches his older brother closely, and makes his own decisions based on what he learns... but all the difficult choices are yours to make.

    Just like Daniel, the demo will remember all of your choices, so when you purchase the full game, you can carry on playing from where you left off!

    The five stunning Episodes of...