GameCharts     Steam    Kiwi Clicker
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
August 2022 714 696 3% 1,308
July 2022 18 18 --- 490
June 2022 0 --- --- 0

About Kiwi Clicker

Deliver ever more kiwis in attempt to satiate endless insatiable kingsGain koins for your efforts, upgrade for bigger numbers - specialize your skiwitree based on your gameplay needs - transcend your fruital form by sacrificing king's pulp for game-changing powers... or even bigger numbers.

Make kiwis, bag'em up, get'em xrayed and delivered in exchange for KoinsUpgrade different stations to grow your Koin income further and further - choose from 3 profession skiwitrees to reinforce your preferred playstyle - prestige through transcendency to unlock additional features & permanent multipliers.

The game features 3 professions, each with their own skiwitree:
  • Archery fires up your clicker/auto-clicker gameplay - shower your click-targets with arrows.
  • Alchemy empowers semi-active play - strengthen your station with a sele...