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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    June 2023 83 -12 -12.63% 174
    May 2023 95 -222 -70.03% 243
    April 2023 317 --- --- 1,353

    About Kagura Survivors: Endless Night

    Something is wrong in the Kaguraverse. An anomaly is creating tears in space-time and causing parallel worlds to converge! It falls upon Kagura-chan, the vessel of the Goddess's will, to get to the bottom of this crisis and return order to the various universes.

    If only it were that simple... As she steps through a rift to the Dimensional Crossroads, she finds that her powers are gone! With every portal she enters, she is reset to Level 1, no stronger than a fledgling adventurer. And to make matters worse, the forces of darkness are always close behind...

    Take up the sword and play as Kagura-chan, battling hordes of evil creatures across the rift in dimensions to solve the anomaly and set things right again.