• GameCharts     Steam    Incremental Epic Hero
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    April 2021 705 -43 -5.75% 868
    March 2021 748 584 356.1% 891
    February 2021 164 --- --- 765

    About Incremental Epic Hero

    Hi! We are Japanese game developer team Hapiwaku Project!
    Hapiwaku means "Happy and Excited" in Japanese.
    We hope you are so happy and excited through playing IEH!

    Mouse click to play!
    Upgrades unlock as you progress. Make sure to read the tool-tips for more info or refer to the in-game help found in the System menu.

    "Shift-L” to enable/disable Loot Logs
    “Shift-P” to turn on/off Performance Mode
    “Shift-T” to enable/disable all Tool-tips
    “Shift-B” to enable/disable all attack animations in the battle field

    We reached one million plays on Kongregate and now on Steam!