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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
December 2021 1,008 -53 -5% 1,113
November 2021 1,061 631 146.74% 1,252
October 2021 430 430 --- 1,188
September 2021 0 --- --- 0

About Idle Pins

Tired of those incremental games where you have to buy the first highlighted upgrade without thinking? Do you enjoy the rewarding feeling after unlocking hard earned stuff?


I've been working and updating this game in my free time, as a hobby, during the last two years. I want to thank the community for their support and feedback. Hope you enjoy it.

Fuse two Pins to get an improved and stronger version. Sometimes they will result in a completely new and different Pin!

Plan your strategy. Add Pins into a formation, each Formation with its own spcial bonus, slots amount and slot types. Choose the best combination for each situation.

Explore different locations. Each with their own enemies, materials, and drops. Advance through zones and maps to find new crafting blueprints and unlock new features!

Tune and improve your attack Pins stats like their power and H...