GameCharts     Steam    Idle Monster TD: Evolved
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
August 2022 563 -17 -2.93% 667
July 2022 580 -40 -6.45% 693
June 2022 620 -65 -9.49% 748
May 2022 685 -156 -18.55% 857
April 2022 841 31 3.83% 1,085
March 2022 810 535 194.55% 1,023
February 2022 275 275 --- 688
January 2022 0 --- --- 0

About Idle Monster TD: Evolved

Idle Monster TD: Evolved is an endless Tower Defense game of epic monsters vs evil humans set in a cute and colorful 3D fantasy world. Unlock, upgrade, and most importantly, evolve tons of unique monsters to defend the portal from an infinite swarm of invading humans. Strategize the most effective placement of monsters to synergize their powerful abilities.

This delightful take on tower defense flips the script, putting you in charge of helpful creepy-crawlies trying to stop human invaders from destroying your base. Strategically place cute allies like "Sun Blossom" for increased gold-production, or use "Skeleton Mage" for heavier damage. And if things get real dicey, just wipe the map clean with a "Rain of Fire" spell!

Defeating waves of invading humans gives you upgrades to bolster power, speed, and other stats - and the more humans you obliterate, the more monsters you’ll unlock. Idle Monster TD: Evolved is filled with awesome beasts, ra...