• GameCharts     Steam    Idle Monster TD
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    June 2021 376 -49 -11.53% 472
    May 2021 425 -103 -19.51% 525
    April 2021 528 -213 -28.74% 668
    March 2021 741 -156 -17.39% 967
    February 2021 897 84 10.33% 1,088
    January 2021 813 479 143.41% 1,079
    December 2020 334 --- --- 737

    About Idle Monster TD

    Over 1 million players!

    Protect the...monsters? As the commander of the United Monsters Alliance, you’ll defend your homeland from menacing machines in Idle Monster TD.

    This delightful take on tower defense flips the script, putting you in charge of helpful creepy-crawlies trying to stop robot invaders from pummeling your base. Strategically place allies like Sea Stallion for extra-speedy attacks, or use Firefly for heavier damage. And if things get real dicey, just wipe the map clean with a firestorm spell!

    Eradicating bots gives you upgrades to bolster power, speed, and other stats - and the more bots you obliterate, the more monsters you’ll unlock. Idle Monster TD’s menagerie is filled with awesome beasts, like cute water sprites and scorching fire devils. Discovering new creatures is part of the fun.

    Like any loyal pal, Idle Monster TD takes care of itself when you’re away. Come back in a few days to claim gold and power up you...