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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
May 2022 133 50 60.24% 237
April 2022 83 83 --- 180
March 2022 0 --- --- 0

About Heroes Of The Dark

Vampire, Werewolf, and Human: In this age of darkness, these three factions wage a bloody war for dominance and survival. Choose the faction that you want to embrace and battle.

Heroes of the Dark (HotD) is an online RPG game set in a grim Victorian world full of lands to explore, mysteries to uncover, and monsters to vanquish and combat. But to do this, you must recruit and train heroes of darkness from each faction. For only one who can master their combined magic and might in 5v5 battle can prevent the darkest of fates from befalling the land of Tenebris to combat.Customise Your Mansion and AdventureYou will begin your strategy RPG adventure from within a gothic mansion, filled with dark magic waiting to be unlocked. As your power grows, you can expand your mansion to allow more heroes of darkness to unite from the Human, Werewolf and Vampire factions. But you must also upgrade its defences to ward off invaders as you launch campaigns of conquest far and wide, while ma...