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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
August 2022 357 205 134.87% 698
July 2022 152 152 --- 943
June 2022 0 --- --- 0

About FPS Chess

Play an ordinary game of chess against a friend or a stranger.

However, all your intricate strategies will crumble before the enemy rook's sniper trick-shot.
All your practiced openings and counters will amount to nothing before the enemy queen's randomly sprayed machine gun.
You finally checkmate the king. Unfortunately, it seems you are not ready for this fight. 5 seconds in and you've been sliced in half by the king's sword.

It turns out you are not playing Chess at all, but an FPS. Just make sure to practice your aim!Features
  • 6 unique piece toolkits with unique weapons and abilities.
  • Online, LAN, and local split-screen 1v1 multiplayer matches. Invite a friend or join a lobby.
  • A fun room to explore during every duel.
  • Custom board editor to play with your favorite pieces.
About Development
This game was developed as a student project at DigiPen Institute of Technology and ...