• GameCharts     Steam    Football Manager 2021 Touch
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    June 2021 911 -60 -6.18% 1,533
    May 2021 971 -19 -1.92% 1,672
    April 2021 990 -45 -4.35% 1,837
    March 2021 1,035 -99 -8.73% 1,825
    February 2021 1,134 47 4.32% 1,947
    January 2021 1,087 172 18.8% 1,966
    December 2020 915 --- --- 1,845

    About Football Manager 2021 Touch

    Although you are trading a little depth for speed, FM21 Touch still packs the finesse and quality of Football Manager 2021.

    All the top leagues and nations are included from around the globe and your player recruitment is powered by the world’s biggest player database, which features more than 500,000 active real-life players.

    Tactical presets prime you for success and feature the most popular formations from around the world of football. For more control and personalisation, there’s also a custom setting for you to stamp your individual style and preference.

    On Matchdays you can enjoy the action from the touchline or completely avoid it by choosing 'Instant Result' and skipping the highlights. Smashing through the seasons lets you focus your time on buying superstars and unearthing wonderkids - and there are thousands to be found. By accelerating your progress, you also won’t have to wait too long to watch your youngsters become elite.

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