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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
October 2021 100 3 3.09% 507
September 2021 97 97 --- 422
August 2021 0 --- --- 0

About Find Love or Die Trying

I'm your host Kat, and this is Find Love or Die Trying!
It's the premiere of our new dating show, where ending up single... means ending up dead! Not sure why you'd sign up for this, but now that you're here, you've got 7 days to get one of the lovely ladies on your tropical island getaway to fall in love in with you. If she's willing to put a ring on it, you're both free to leave. If not... well, it's in the name of the show!

You'll get the chance to meet:

  • Allie, the daredevil athlete with a rebellious streak
  • Scarlett, the charming scientist with a penchant for destruction
  • Violet, the cold-as-ice scion of a mysterious MegaCorp
  • Terra, the eccentric gamer who marches to her own drum
  • Yui, the childhood sweetheart with a smile that could melt ice

...And last, but definitely not least, me! ...