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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
October 2021 224 94 72.31% 667
September 2021 130 63 94.03% 335
August 2021 67 67 --- 513
July 2021 0 --- --- 0

About Dragon And Home

Background Story
After an earth-shattering fight between the two Dragons, the Tree of Life was severely damaged and was on the verge of collapse. The Tree of Life condensed its remaining energy into the Seed of World as a means of self-preservation. However, the overflowing energy brought about concerning changes to the native creatures on the continents. The Dragon of Light gathers capable people from all over the world to protect the Tree of Life and save this dilapidated world.
You woke up in the outpost as the hero to save the world chosen by the Tree of Life. You will encountered the enigmatic Witch Sakura. With the help of Sakura, you will learn survival skills and embark on an unpredictable adventure. You and Sakura need to travel throughout different continents, retrieve all the Seed of World and find out the way to sustain and save the dying Tree of Life.

Accompanied by Sakura, You can step into the wonderful unknown world<...