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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    March 2021 657 -169 -20.46% 1,034
    February 2021 826 209 33.87% 1,356
    January 2021 617 90 17.08% 1,312
    December 2020 527 -13 -2.41% 852
    November 2020 540 -23 -4.09% 838
    October 2020 563 23 4.26% 903
    September 2020 540 -223 -29.23% 933
    August 2020 763 --- --- 1,165

    About DDraceNetwork

    Get all your friends together, meet new people from all over the world and help each other through hundreds of maps! Or play with your best friend and beat the worldwide records!

    DDraceNetwork (DDNet) started out as a simple modification of Teeworlds, a 2D shooter. But in DDNet you don't fight against each other. Instead you work together with up to 64 people and fight your way through maps. You will see the best and worst in your team mates when they save you from certain death or leave you behind. We've developed DDNet for 6 years now and made it greater than ever!

    Collect cool weapons, including a jet pack, and use your hook to save your team mates. DDNet requires a lot of skill, coordination and practice. The friendly online community will help you fall in love with this unique cooperative game.

    Custom maps can be created in the editor. An active community contributes new great maps every month, adding to DDNet's colle...