• GameCharts     Steam    Corruption of Champions II
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    February 2021 114 -19 -14.29% 218
    January 2021 133 20 17.7% 245
    December 2020 113 -10 -8.13% 208
    November 2020 123 -7 -5.38% 193
    October 2020 130 -33 -20.25% 215
    September 2020 163 -50 -23.47% 264
    August 2020 213 213 --- 423
    July 2020 0 --- --- 0

    About Corruption of Champions II

    Corruption of Champions II (or CoC2 for short) is a text-based adventure game in which you contend with an invasion of perverse demons into your home realm, all the while romancing hot monstergirls (and furries, orcs, elves, demons, and all sorts of other cuties) and transforming yourself into your ideal physical form. CoC2 is a game about customization, letting you play whatever kind of character you want: whether you're a busty bimbo bandit or a chiseled lupine barbarian; a hermaphroditic cowgirl sorceress specialized in milk-magic, or a burly orc warpriest who intimidates his companions back into the fight.

    No matter what you choose to transform yourself into, you'll be accompanied on your perverse adventures by a group of eclectic companions, from catgirl clerics and kitsune sorceresses, to chastity-caged elf traps and domineering orc amazons. You can lead two of these companions at a time against a world full of lustful enemies and corrupted magics, building ...