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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    February 2024 1 -1 -50% 5
    January 2024 2 0 0% 10
    December 2023 2 0 0% 10
    November 2023 2 0 0% 10
    October 2023 2 2 --- 14
    September 2023 0 0 --- 0
    August 2023 0 --- --- 0

    About BUNNY BOND

    Congratulations! You've been selected to participate in a study regarding human connection through online interaction. You'll get paid for it too! All you have to do is hole up in a fancy apartment for 10 days and talk with the other 6 participants through a chat system. And just by happenstance, you’re the only girl in the group, and all of the other participants just so happen to be, like, really hot. It seems you've hit the jackpot in more ways than one!

    Enjoy fun interactions with the group, send DMs to whoever catches your eye, and collect all of the pictures they send to you! You can expect some steamy talk and revealing images from the boy you decide to get serious with.

    • Nameable Main Character!- You can make the game experience as personal (or impersonal) as you want!
    • That’s A Lot Of Art!- Each character has 6 pictures they can send to you, ranging from funny and sweet to downright naughty.
    • And A Lot Of Wo...