• GameCharts     Steam    Booty Farm
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    January 2023 135 -11 -7.53% 209
    December 2022 146 4 2.82% 208
    November 2022 142 -24 -14.46% 210
    October 2022 166 26 18.57% 244
    September 2022 140 13 10.24% 217
    August 2022 127 91 252.78% 237
    July 2022 36 --- --- 105

    About Booty Farm

    Congratulations, playboy! You came into the possession of a rickety old farm. Obviously a city stud like yourself should sell it and go back to your fast and urban lifestyle? Guess again, because a cute redhead farmhand Mindy will easily convince you to try your luck at being a farmer. Mindy drives a hard bargain...

    Things get spicy very fast in Booty Farm. Not only does Mindy prefer getting laid to doing any farmwork, but all your neighbors are sexy ladies. Horny, lonely, and very excited to meet the only decent man around for miles!

    This funny casual adult game uses simple farm sim mechanics to guide you through steamy, sexy stories, each culminating in a high quality lewd photo for your collection.

    Upgrade your fixer-upper into a profitable palace of organic produce as Mindy takes every chance to set you up with new girls passing by! Weekly events introduce new characters and set up further drama for everyone you've already met. Meet and seduce dozens o...