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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    March 2021 860 -44 -4.87% 0
    February 2021 904 -39 -4.14% 1,627
    January 2021 943 -253 -21.15% 1,748
    December 2020 1,196 -52 -4.17% 2,170
    November 2020 1,248 223 21.76% 2,079
    October 2020 1,025 --- --- 1,644

    About Blood of Steel

    How to win in the battle using cold weapon, imagine you're back to medieval times? As the general, set the troop formation, choose the combination of units, plan combat tactic, those are the most important facts during the war. In this game, you shall know each Hero, take advantage of their different characteristics, clever use of terrain and time-based selection of the best tactics to win the victory.

    Besides the epic legion war, Blood of Steel also provides the real fun of close combat fighting between heroes (duel). Basic combat moves like 4 Attack, Hack'n'Slash and Block from classic games are included. Additionally Guard Break, Rolling, Dash Attack, Sprint Attack, Heavy attack and Combo Techniques are created for a completely new and varied medieval combat game experience.

    The terrain and weather also play an important role in medieval combat, as well as the Hero and Troop. In Blood of Steel, diversity of environment like open plains, gr...