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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    November 2022 0 -41 -100% 0
    December 2022 41 -359 -89.75% 0
    May 2023 400 -292 -42.2% 854
    April 2023 692 500 260.42% 3,143
    March 2023 192 -23 -10.7% 535
    February 2023 215 -253 -54.06% 572
    January 2023 468 --- --- 1,951

    About Bio Prototype

    You wake up to find yourself transformed into a pool of monsters in labware. A voice that calls itself "Intellectual Brain" forces you to calm down as you are on the verge of collapse. She told you that as long as you stay in the basement for 20 minutes, you can reshape your body and be reunited with your family. Do you want to believe her?

    A wave of irrational experimentation rushes towards you. Hurry up and mutate! evolution! Become scarier monsters than them! Use flesh and blood to bloom a way of survival!

    Want to wave your weapon and the whole battlefield is littered with corpses?
    Breed thousands of different types of offspring to help you fight?
    Spreading a deadly virus to spread the source of the plague?

    More than 60 kinds of skills, hundreds of mutant potions, the effect is gorgeous!
    Every variation is beyond your expectations!

    It has a deeper construction dimension than similar games, and builds your mu...